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How to apply pressure to government

Write your post here.We need to all pull together as this problem is huge (see Lord Stern speaks - on this site).  Leafleting on street corners is great but not enough - we must support government and give them confidence to take decisive action.
Write to your MP asking for a law to put a tax on all homes that are sold without proper insulation.  This makes homes which are not insulated valueless.  With the Green Deal insulation is possible for absolutely everyone so there is no excuse.

The Green Deal - how?

With the Green Deal beginning to pick up pace, we will be running a series of workshops to discuss how to engage your community and encourage them to take up the Green Deal.  This wont be easy, but if we dont do it now WHEN??
More information will appear shortly on the main website but if you have any thoughts or questions please let me know.
We will also be producing a free guide so you can 'get informed'.

Radian Retrofit Conference

Yesterday Radian exposed the project they have been working on for all to see at a conference in Winchester.  Chris Huhne Minister for DECC gave an amazingly passionate speech about how retrofit links with the Green Deal and can offer everyone a better future - and I actually agree with him and am really excited.
The conferece heard about how the buildings had given residents in social housing in Petersfield  more comfortable and warmer homes and yet lower fuel bills.  'How can that be?

Greening Campaign goes to the House of Commons

The Greening Campaign has been invited to explain what the programme delivers and also to showcase some work carried out by the Communities from across the UK on 13th June 2011.
This is a wonderful opportunity to influence the MP's and to make them more aware of the work being carried out to takle climate change by ordinary people in hundreds of communities - it will be a magic few hours where the communities can truly influence Government thinking.
There will be a few speakers (mostly children) and the communies that will be demonstrating different aspects of the campaign are:

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How to apply pressure to government
The Green Deal - how?
Radian Retrofit Conference
Greening Campaign goes to the House of Commons


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